We got this picture from Turkey! The blue and tan Frenchie girl was born here in Vitabull Kennel :-)

Just look at them! Katalin had to wait long time for her babies, but we think she feels it was worth.

Ákos Szabó

It was a nice story with Katalin as she has seen the Frenchie of her friend in Turkey, when she has decided to buy one. Sorry, decided to buy two to be exact :-) So the Frenchie of her friend was born here in our Vitabull Kennel. This was the reason for her contacting us. She reserved her pups in our kennel, and not long after this Covid has arrived with its many rules and stops all around the planet... She had to wait, as it was not alloved to travel. Than she had to wait a bit more. Than she had to wait... And after that she had to wait a little bit... Sometimes we got bad news, sometimes we got great news about the rules and about the border. Sometimes it seemed that Katalin can never get her pups. BUT finally after about 4-5 months (!!!) waiting we could manage that the girls could travel to Turkey with a friend of Katalin. She is a really friendly woman, who loves her Frenchies, so she used to send me lovely videos and pictures quite often. So after so many barriers i feel that it was really worth to wait till the pups could travel, and im very happy that the new owner of my girls are Katalin and her husband. Best wishes for them from Hungary from Vitabull Kennel!!!


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