New pages under construction!

Ákos Szabó

New pages are under construction on the site!!

I get soooooo many AMAZING pictures and stories from the new owners of Vitabull Frenchies that i just can not hide this all anymore! I simply had not enough time in life to upload every happy letter and all those nice pics that i get from "Vitabull family". So I have decided to ask the great Roland Tombácz to develope a page for us where anyone will be able to share pics and stories of the Frenchie gangsters that were born in Vitabull Kennel. We also plan to add comment chances, SO WE WOULD LIKE TO BUILD A REAL VITABULL FAMILY!!!! Yeeeah! :-D I'm so excited!!! 

Roland will also build a galery for pups from Vitabull past. You will be able to have a look at the pups here, that was born in Vitabull Kennel in the last 13-14 years. 

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