The experts I work with


  1. Vets
  2. DNA testing
  3. Air transport
  4. Ground trasnport


I use the services of the famous Dunaföldvár Pet Clinic led by Árpád Túri, VD. The clinic, a short drive from where I live, employs several vets who studied animal health care in Hungary, France and the United States.

DNA testing

Just to make sure my puppies are and will be in excellent health, I have their DNA checked for hereditary conditions by Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (California, USA).

Air transport

These are the companies I use for shipping my pups to the happy owners.

  1. FastAir-Cargo
  2. AirMax Cargo
  3. Viernheimi

Ground transport

I use the company Odakutya to ship my pups on land.