Ákos Szabó


I see there is a new trend in French Bulldog breeding. Some want Bulldogs to be better breathers, healthier, ones with a slightly longer nose. There is also an increased focus on the proper size of their nares. The truth is that the French Bulldog is not an excellent breathing breed. We say that whoever chooses this breed should be aware that they are snoring, grunting, puffing :-)  Flat face is one of those things that makes a dog to be a French Bulldog. By the way here in Vitabull Kennel we ourselves also see that a minimally longer nose and a slightly wider nostril can still represent the traits and beauty of the breed. And this way you can still breed a little healthier dogs. We are still not fun of very long noses at Frenchies. No! :-) But we do will make some litters with SLIGHTLY longer nose and with a lighter/sporty body structure. The differences will not be huge, but there will be some. So for that reason, we’re also putting the good Marley boy into breeding, who himself is a great-breathing, sporty, healthy, energetic, happy guy. Everyone should also know that sportier, less ”bulldog type”  of Frenchies are able to give birth to their puppies without medical help much easyer. Here in Vitabull Kennel we try to use a good balance between the better-breathing types and the more robust, bony-looking short nosed type that has the worse breathing. We try to go in a more elegant, lifelike direction, but also in a way that preserves the beauty of the breed. Marley is a good breeding material for implementing these principles. If you are looking for a puppy that will have better chance to be sporty (The limits with a French Bullgog of course...) type, then keep this boy in mind as a father of your future puppy. 

Marley is NOT FOR SALE. Contact me if interested in future litters.



Name: Marley
Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Male
Coat: Blue and tan merle
Born: August 29, 2020
Parents: -


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Marley is NOT FOR SALE. Interested in future litters? Click here or the Contact me button below.